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Kansas groups in favor of trade with Cuba

Posted November 28, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.


A delegation of U.S. farmers from the state of Kansas affirmed yesterday that the U.S. blockade has failed and that their country should seek a rapprochement with Cuba, Prensa Latina reported on Thursday, November 27.

After a visit to Havana, Adrian Polansky, agricultural secretary for Kansas, said that he would like to return to secure trade agreements covering grains and other products.

Polansky stated that the White House should facilitate trade and construct a new relationship with the Cubans.

Meanwhile, Barry Flinchbaugh, an economist from the University of Kansas, also part of the delegation, assured that 50 years of efforts to isolate Cuba had come to nothing which means, he emphasized, that the United States should seek a different kind of approximation.

Polansky, Flinchbauer and 35 wheat growers from the state made a six-day visit to the island last week, where they toured agricultural cooperatives and cigar factories and met with authorities in the business sector.

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