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Bodegas del Caribe S.A. Makes Wines from Cuban Grapes

Posted October 13, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.


Havana.- The Cuban-Spanish joint venture Bodegas del Caribe S.A. produced the first batch of wine from Cuban grapes, thanks to the development of that crop on the largest Antillean Island.

The wine, which hit the market under the brand Castillo de Wajay, resulted from the acclimatization of several varieties of Spanish grapes.

The first batch of wine was made in a provisional facility in Ceiba del Agua, with an initial harvest that was achieved in two years instead of three as was initially planned.

The second harvest will be recollected in November. Experts expect to plant 250 hectares by 2005, and produce up to 40,000 boxes of wine.
Another plan is to build the wine-producing facilities in Wajay. The factory will be designed as a medieval castle, thus honoring the name of the wine, which is commercialized in restaurants, shops and hotels in Varadero and the Cuban capital.

Production of Cuban grapes does not meet the market’s demand and the price of Castillo del Wajay is high, so production of the brands Palacio del Sol and Isla del Sol, using cheaper Spanish and Cuban must, will begin soon.

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