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Cuba? Are you serious? - Opinion

Posted June 16, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Boston Herald

Boston’s business community is looking for leadership - in all the wrong places.

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce is planning its annual trip for the City to City program, which sends public and private leaders to other cities and countries “to learn their best practices and how best to implement them in Greater Boston.’‘

And what locale did our free-market gurus choose to stand as this year’s paragon of governmental virtue?

That’s right - communist Cuba.

Fortunately, the chamber honchos went on a “scouting’’ mission to the ostracized isle in April, where they learned, lo and behold, that dictator Fidel Castro is a pretty nasty guy.

“While we were there, unbeknownst to us, the dissident crackdown occurred, which nobody can justify and nobody even attempts to justify,’’ said chamber President Paul Guzzi.

You don’t say?
“We made the decision that this just isn’t the appropriate time to have this trip.’‘

Not to mention the aborted November trip to toasty Havana - average temperature, 77 degrees - smacked of junketeering.

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