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Dismantling of idled sugar mill labeled chaotic and wasteful

Posted May 29, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.

HAVANA, May 23 ( - Several people involved in the dismantling of the former Hersey sugar mill near Havana say the work seems to lack direction.

“What they are doing is absurd,” said one mill worker, “they are burning sugar cane that at the very least could be used as cattle feed. The shoots produced by burned cane when it rains, are so bitter and hard the cattle won’t eat them.”

The man was referring to an order from the Ministry of Agriculture to burn all cane in more than 1,320 acres in order to plant other crops. But, some of the workers point out, the required plowing hasn’t been done, since there is no fuel for the tractors. Others point out the tractors themselves were taken away by order of the administration and no one knows where they are now.

Another worker said “As hungry and needy as we are here in Santa Cruz del Norte and other nearby towns, they should have sold cane juice.”

There is a rumor among the workers that the machinery from the sugar mill was bought by Venezuela to be used as spare parts.

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