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DTC News.- Cuban Entrepreneurial Sector Receives Quality Certification

Posted May 05, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Havana.- Cuba’s National Standardization Office granted the ISO-9000 quality standard to 154 Cuban companies, as part of the certification process undergone by the domestic corporate sector.

According to sources from the National Standardization Office, one of the firms that received the said certification was the industrial group GEAVIA, attached to the Ministry of Transport.

The ISO-9000 category was also granted to Basic Units in Havana and the central province of Villa Clara, which also belong to GEAVIA, and produce and commercialize panels, lintels, beams and prefabricated concrete-covered tiles with an expanded polystyrene core.

The Ministry of Transport has 36 certified companies, topping the list of Cuban ministries with the highest number of firms that have implemented the ISO-9000 quality standard.

That achievement, experts said, resulted from the sector’s efforts to implement the appropriate mechanisms to improve the quality of its products.

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