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Make a deal with Cuba

Posted April 28, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.

JORGE R. GONZALEZ Northwest Portland | Oregonian Editorial

The Geneva-based United Nations Human Rights Commission has been discussing the issue of human rights in Cuba.

To this writer, freedom of expression, association and assembly are fundamental and sacred. If violations of those rights take place in Cuba—and there is ample evidence to support that—I condemn those violations.

I also do not support a U.S. foreign policy toward Cuba that for 40-plus years has not accomplished anything.

Last November the United Nations General Assembly, by a vote of 172-3, condemned the immoral U.S. economic embargo against Cuba. Every member of the European Union and NATO voted with the overwhelming majority. A couple of client states supported the United States.

Why can’t we do some horse trading with Cuba? The United States lifts the embargo, and Cuba stops the violation of human rights.

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