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DTC News.- Coffee Exports from Eastern Cuba Grow

Posted April 02, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Havana | The Cuban eastern province of Guantánamo exported over 2,500 tons of coffee during the recently-concluded harvest.

According to experts, that volume accounted for a 3-percent overachievement of this season’s plan, and one tenth of the total consisted of the so-called ecological coffee.

Guantánamo is Cuba’s top producer of ecological coffee, which is cultivated without using chemicals, so its price is higher in the international market.

In 2002, Guantánamo carried out some 60 territorial research projects on coffee and other export items, such as cocoa and sugar, high-quality flowers, iodine- and fluorine-enriched salt and construction materials.

Cuban coffee is a top seller in Europe and Japan, where consumers love its high quality and excellent taste.

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On July 17, 2004, David W. McFadden wrote:

Any further information about cocoa and coffee exports would be appreciated. Also anything about the mechanics of getting the goods from the fields to the ships.
Cualquier informaciûn más otra sobre exportaciones del cacao y del cafÈ sería apreciada.  TambiÈn cualquier cosa sobre los mecánicos de conseguir las mercancías de los campos a las naves.