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DTC News.- British Meat Industry Seeks Ties with Cuba

Posted March 24, 2003 by publisher in Cuba Business.

Havana | Entrepreneurs and executives from Great Britain’s meat industry expressed interest in strengthening cooperation ties with Cuba in that sector, with the goal of taking mutually-beneficial actions.

Henry Lewis, export market director at the United Kingdom’s Meat and Cattle Commission, visited Cuba this month as part of those efforts, and expressed his willingness to support the development of that sector in the largest Antillean Island.

Lewis called for strengthening collaboration between the two countries, and offered his support so that Cuban exporters can have access to the European Union’s market.

In that regard, he mentioned the possibility of transferring knowledge about genetic crossings, which are aimed at obtaining better specimens as a contribution to the development of the dairy and meat industries.

Lewis noted that Cuban breeders must focus on such British breeds as Jersey, British Friesian and Montbeliarde, which adjust easily to hot climates, as well as on genetic crossings between other European breeds and the Zebu for different purposes.

The British entrepreneur said Great Britain has over 11 million heads of cattle, however, his country needs to import meat from tropical countries, adding that the largest Antillean Island could be an excellent choice.

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