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Posted November 10, 2013 by publisher in Business In Cuba

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Comprehensive listing of legal small businesses in Cuba occupied by “non-state” entrepreneurs called cuentapropistas.

As seen in the Annex of Richard Feinberg’s detailed report on entrepreneurs in Cuba.

1. Accountant/Tax Preparation
2. Animal Caretaker
3. Animal Groomer
4. Animal Rental
5. Animal Trainer
6. Antique Dealer
7. Art Restorer
8. Artificial Flowers Seller
9. Artisan (arts and crafts maker)
10. Audio Systems Installer/Operator
11. Automobile Battery Repair
12. Automobile Electrician
13. Babysitter/Nanny
14. Barber
15. Bedframe Repair
16. Benny Moré Dance Team
17. Bicycle Repair
18. Blacksmith/Seller of Horseshoes and Nails
19. Book Binding
20. Breeder/Seller of Pets
21. Builder/Seller/Installer of Radio and TV Antennas
22. Building Construction Services
23. Building Superintendent
24. Bus Driver
25. Bus/Train/Taxi Stop Barker (calls out instructions to waiting passengers)
26. Button Coverer (wraps buttons in cloth, popular in the 50’s and 60’s)
27. Buyer and Seller of Records (including CDs)
28. Café Owner (cafetería)
29. Café Owner (cafeteria, light snacks and beverages)
30. Car Body Remolding
31. Car Painter
32. Car washer/Oil Changer
33. Caretaker of Elderly/Handicapped
34. Caricaturists
35. Carpenter
36. Cart Operator
37. Charcoal Manufacturer/Seller
38. Children’s Ride Operator
39. Cleaning/Household Help
40. Clothes Washing/Ironing
41. Collector and Payer of Bills
42. Collector/Seller of Natural Resources (ie sell shells)
43. Collector/Seller of Recyclables
44. Computer Programmer
45. Construction Laborer
46. Contracted Employee of a Self-Employed
47. Costume Jewelry Repair
48. Craftsman/Seller/Repairman of Wicker Furniture
49. Dance Duo “Amor” (traditional Cuban dances)
50. Dandy (man dressed in Colonial garb)
51. Decorator
52. Disposable Lighter Repair and Refill
53. Document Translator
54. Doll and Toy Repair
55. Driving Instructor
56. Electric Motor Rewiring
57. Electrician
58. Electronic Equipment Repair
59. Embroiderer/Knitter
60. Engraver of Numbers
61. Event Planner (weddings, etc)
62. Extras (people in period dress)
63. Eyeglass Repair
64. Fence and Walkway Repair
65. Floor Polisher
66. Flower Bed Arranger
67. Flower Wreath Arranger
68. Folkloric Dancers
69. Food Retailer (in kiosks and farmers’ markets)
70. Food Wholesaler
71. Formal Wear Rental
72. Fortune Tellers
73. Fresh Fruit Peeler
74. Furniture Painter and Polisher
75. Furniture Repairman
76. Gardener
77. Grower/Seller of Ornamental Plants
78. Grower/Seller of Plants for Animal Feed and Medicinal Purposes
79. Habaneras (women posing in colorful colonial attire)
80. Hair Braider
81. Hairdresser
82. Handcar Operator (on rails)
83. Horse and Carriage Rides
84. Horse-Drawn Carriage Operator
85. House Painter
86. Insurance Agent
87. Iron Worker (grating for doors, windows)
88. Jeep Driver
89. Jewelry Repair
90. Knife Grinder
91. Leather Craftsman
92. Leather Repair
93. Leather Tanner (except cows and horses)
94. Locksmith
95. Machinist
96. Maker of Yokes, Harnesses and Rope for Oxen
97. Maker/Seller of Aluminum Products
98. Maker/Seller of Food and Beverages in “China Town”
99. Maker/Seller of Marble Objects
100. Maker/Seller of Non-Ferrous Metals
101. Maker/Seller of Soaps, Dyes
102. Make-up Artist
103. Mambises-style Musical Groups (traditional Cuban music)
104. Manicurist
105. Mason
106. Masseuse
107. Mattress Repair
108. Mechanical and Combustion Equipment Repair
109. Mechanical Saw Operator (as in a sawmill)
110. Messenger
111. Metal Polisher
112. Miller of Grains
113. Mini-Bus Driver
114. Mobile Hand Cart Hawker of Agricultural Products
115. Motorcycle Driver
116. Mule Driver
117. Music/Art Instructor
118. Musical Duo “Los Amigos” (popular music)
119. Musical Instrument Tuning and Repair
120. Night Watchman or Building Doorman
121. Non-Alcoholic Beverage Seller (home delivery)
122. Office Equipment Repair
123. Operator of Children’s Fun Wagon Pulled by Pony or Goat
124. Ornamental Fish Farmer
125. Painters (who sell pictures in the street)
126. Palm Tree Trimmer
127. Parking Attendant (including for cars, bicycles)
128. Part-time Farm Laborer
129. Party Entertainer (clowns, magicians)
130. Passenger Boat Operator
131. Pedal Taxi Driver
132. Photographer
133. Piñata Maker/Seller
134. Plasterer
135. Plastic Covering Maker for IDs
136. Plumber
137. Postal Agent
138. Private Construction Contractor (in the Havana “Old Town”)
139. Producer/Seller of Articles and Animals for Religious Use
140. Producer/Seller of Bricks and Tiles
141. Producer/Seller of Brooms and Brushes
142. Producer/Seller of Clay Goods (pots, planters, cookware)
143. Producer/Seller of Costume Jewelry
144. Producer/Seller of Harnesses, Blankets, and Saddles
145. Producer/Seller of Items Used in the Home (self-made or made by other self-employed)
146. Producer/Seller of Plaster Figurines
147. Producer/Seller of Rubber Accessories
148. Public Bathroom Attendant
149. Public Park Caretaker
150. Real Estate Broker
151. Refrigerator Mechanic
152. Repair of Measurement Instruments
153. Repairer of Water Pumps
154. Restaurant Owner (paladares)
155. Roaster (ie of peanuts, coffee)
156. Roofer
157. Room/Home Rental
158. Saddle and Harness Repair
159. Seamstress/Tailor
160. Septic Tank Repairman and Cleaner
161. Sewing Machine Repair
162. Shearer (as in sheep)
163. Shining Shoes
164. Shoe Repair
165. Shoemaker/Shoe Salesman
166. Shorthand, Typing, and Language Instructor
167. Sign Painter
168. Small Household Goods Repair
169. Small-Truck Driver
170. Space Rentals in One’s Home to Self-employed
171. Spark Plug Cleaner and Tester
172. Sports Trainer (except martial arts and diving)
173. Station Wagon Driver
174. Stove/Range Repair
175. Street-based Seller of Food and Beverages
176. Taxi Driver
177. Telecommunications Agent (retail)
178. Textile Dyer
179. Three-Wheeled Pedal Taxi Driver
180. Thresher
181. Tire Repair
182. Trader of Scrap Metals
183. Traditional Barber
184. Trained Dog Exhibitor
185. Truck Driver
186. Tutor (currently employed teachers not eligible)
187. Typist and Copier
188. Umbrella and Parasol Repair
189. Upholsterer
190. Used Book Seller
191. Vegetable/Fruit Street Vendor (from fixed venues)
192. Wagon or Pushcart Operator (to help move things)
193. Watch Repair
194. Water Delivery
195. Welder
196. Welder
197. Welder/Flamecutter (cutting with gas)
198. Well Digger
199. Window Glass Repair
200. Wine Maker/Seller
201. Woodsmen/Logger

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