The article below is from the Cuban News Agency. Maybe the Cuban government is finally realizing the benefits of a free(r) market economy. Read on…

Direct sales of produce to the local international tourist sector were reported at over 24.5 tons from April to July in central Ciego de Avila province thanks to a fast food collection and delivery system implemented in this territory.

Local cooperatives and private farmers closed contracts with 12 hotels of the renowned Jardines del Rey tourist center to provide hotels in that area with produce particularly including vegetables,  and fruits, according to Hanoi Sanchez, official with the National Small Famers Association (ANAP).

The sales of produce to the tourist sector have become a weekly practice in the province since the project was taken to practice, as one of several initiatives to encourage agricultural production. The fist cooperative farm in the territory to implement the project is named Piti Fajardo, which has guaranteed a varied supply of produce to Cayo Coco key hotels.

Cooperative director Tomas Gonzalez said that the new market entails a challenge to farmers, who have to meet high demand of specific produce varieties, according to the seasons. “We can provide the tourist sector with a lot of what is needed, though we also have to meet other compromises,” said Gonzalez.