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Posted September 29, 2010 by publisher in Business In Cuba

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Will Weissert from AP is reporting that Cuba had its worst coffee harvest in history in 2009 with production yielding only 5,500 tons. Pretty sad considering how much farm land there is in Cuba. Let’s not forget that the Communist government produced the lowest sugar harvest since 1905 last year.

Leave it to the Castros to kill something as basic as farming.

The AP story continues… a full-page article in the Communist Party newspaper Granma on Wednesday warned that authorities will no longer fill the shortfall with imports. It said the government cannot afford to spend a projected $40 million this year and $47 million next just to keep islanders in high-octane caffeine.

In 1962 Cuba produced 60,000 tons Cuban coffee.

The newspaper cited inefficiency and negligence as reasons for the drop in production, but did not go into detail.

About Cuban coffee

Strong, almost tar-like espresso is most commonly served on the island in thimble-sized shots cut with copious portions of sugar. Cafe con leche is strong espresso combined with a large glass of steamed milk. Though it is famous in Cuba, it is more commonly drunk by Cubans living in the United States or elsewhere.

The Havana Journal is pleased to offer Cuban coffee from one of our advertisers.

  1. Follow up post #1 added on December 05, 2010 by David Taylor

    The poor coffee harvest for 2009 of 5,500 tons shows that the workers have no incentive to work and make a profit like in Capitalist times and the state can’t provide the materials needed and never on time . In 1962 the coffee plantations produced 60,000 tons but were still run under the Capitalist system and Fidels Castros poor socialistic economic policies later on has destroyed the Cuban economy totally it has taken away the right of the worker to make a profit himself and better his LIVE and Che Guevaras Policies were the same poor socialistic planning to much DAM RED TAPE not enough individiual decision making besides Che was a just a simple medical doctor he was not even a especialist not even an economist with a degree in Market Development. Cuba needs to go back to free enterprise and preserve only those socialist policies that are good like full retirement for all, and free medical care, a good public education but allow free enterprise because the Cuba before 1958 there was abundance for all if there was poverty that had to do with the illigal corrupt Batista Regime that lasted 7 years but free enterprise then had everything and now with socialism there is a lot of scarcity or you don’t see things or products at all and the Cuban Peso is almost worthless. The communist system in Cuba needs to return to Well Regulated FREE ENTERPRISE there is nothing like the owner he won’t allow anyone to steal. While in a socialist enterprise they all gang-up to see how they can sheat the state I read this in GRANMA about 25 years ago at the University how they sheated from the goverment and falsified the work orders an owner won’t allow this at all.You have to remember Fidel, Raul, Alarcon, & Ramiro Valdez they won’t live for long a NEW YOUNGER GENERATION will take over lets hope they bring Democratic Principles and Free Enterprise mixed with Socialism.
        A U.S. CITIZEN
        Concerned About The Future Of CUBA 12/2010

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