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Posted November 22, 2013 by publisher in Cuba-World Trade

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Rob Sequin | Havana Journal

The Cuban government has recently been promoting the new “special development” business and trade zone at the port of Mariel, just west of Havana.

The government has been going to countries such at Russia, China and Brazil to explain the opportunities offered by the zone with the ultimate goal of attracting foreign investment to the Mariel zone.

The term in Spanish is the Zona Especial de Desarrollo Mariel or ZED Mariel for short.

This is the term used for the new website ZEDMariel.com.

In order to appeal to a world wide audience, they chose to develop the website on a .com domain extension while they use Cuba’s local domain extension co.cu for the zedmariel.co.cu email contact.

The website is in Spanish but roughly translated to English the website describes the zone as an area in which a regime and special policies are established in order to promote sustainable economic development through attracting foreign investment, technological innovation and industrial concentration, in order to increase exports, an effective replacement of imports and to generate new sources of employment that is consistent with the laws and Cuban economy.

The Zone is designed to encourage and protect foreign businesses, industrial, agricultural, metalworking, tourism projects and all kinds of activities allowed by Cuban law, using clean technologies to produce goods and value-added services.

Objectives of Mariel Special Development Zone

Contribute to national development
Generate exports and promote import substitution
Facilitate the transfer of advanced technology and expertize and skills related to business management
Attract foreign investment
Generate new employment and long-term financing
Promote environmental sustainability
Develop the necessary infrastructure to contribute to economic progress
Create a logistics system that allows high levels of efficiency in import, export and distribution processes
Encourage the establishment of national and foreign companies
Secure connections with the rest of the business and trade in Cuba

Special Development Zones of Mariel

Ecological Park of the West
High Tech Industrial Park
Railway Complex
Related Processes Zone
Zone for Logistics
Zone of Activities for Oil
Zone of Agricultural Development
Zone of Port Activities

See the Zone color map above and the Zone names and locations below

With more images here of the Mariel Development Zone from the website.

ZEDMariel.com Domain Name Information

ZEDMariel.com was registered on October 29, 2013 and has whois privacy protection so the public cannot see the registrant’s information. This is not an uncommon practice.

As an amateur webmaster mistake, the designer has not disabled the www. requirement. So, if you want to type in the domain name into your browser, you need to type in www. zedmariel.com since the site will not resolve with the www. prefix.

These other websites are hosted on the same server so zedmariel.com is clearly the official website registered and hosted by the Cuban government.


Havana Journal Inc owns Mariel.com and intends to launch a website to cover the operations, business and trade in the zone.

Read more about the zone here with 100 questions about the Zone answered here.

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