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Posted February 17, 2005 by publisher in Business In Cuba

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By The Associated Press

Average salaries, per month:

Teacher: $9.60
Business administrator: $11.35
Engineer: $14.40
Doctor, general practitioner: $27
Doctor, specialist: $31
Taxi Driver: $6, plus tips

Cost of products:
Rice, per pound: 14 cents
Beans, per pound: 35 cents
Bread, per pound: 39 cents
Sugar, per pound: 47 cents
Pork, per pound: 96 cents
Can of soda: 42 cents
Bottle of rum: $2.30
Package of 20 cigarettes: 27 cents
Roll of toilet paper: 19 cents
Milk, per gallon: $4.55 (available at much lower prices for children under 7)
Cheese, per pound: $4-$5 (can be found for half this price on black market)
Cooking oil, per quart: $2.15
Box of cereal: $4-$10 (depending on brand)
Canned soup (Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom): $2.50

Buses or fixed-route taxis for Cubans: 1 cent
Taxis for tourists: 96 cents per mile

Movie theater: 4 cents
Sporting event: 4 cents
Concert: 4 cents to $25
A night at the Tropicana cabaret: $65-$85

Utilities, per month (based on consumption):
Water: 15-20 cents
Gas for stoves: 8-38 cents
Electricity: 38 cents to $11.50
Telephone: 38 cents to $11.50

  1. Follow up post #1 added on February 17, 2005 by bernie with 199 total posts

    ass-ociated press coming up with these figures are a joke,
    they must be smoking that cheap stuff grown in north carolina.

  2. Follow up post #2 added on February 17, 2005 by waldo with 264 total posts

    Rent: none
    Home mortage: none
    Property taxes: none
    Fire insurance taxes: none
    Income tax: none
    State tax: none
    County taxes: none
    City tax: none
    Sale tax: none
    Capital gain tax: none
    Social Security tax: none
    Health insurance payments: none
    Dental insurance payments : none
    Optical insurance payments: none
    Senior home payment: none
    School payments: none
    School taxes: none
    Water district taxes: none
    Trash disposal tax: none
    Recycling tax: none
    Whatnot taxes: none
    Whatnot pyments: none

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