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Posted June 24, 2011 by publisher in Cuba-World Trade

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The ASCE 21st annual conference will be held from August 4-6, 2011 at Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel.

Every year the conference is well attended by a wide variety of Cuba experts and aficionados.

It’s a great event to learn about Cuba and to network with others who share your interest in Cuba.

This is just a preliminary agenda but as you will see, there are many reasons to attend.

Thursday August 4 Topics

Current Economic and Social Situation
Chair: Rafael Romeu, ASCE President
Presenters: Joaquín Pujol, Oscar Espinosa Chepe, Marc Frank and Marifeli Pérez-Stable

Economic Implications of Recent Economic Reforms
“Financial Development in Transition Economies and Implications for Cuba”
“Can the Recent “Reforms” Deliver the Necessary Adjustment”
“The Evolution of the Cuban Output Gap”

Financial and Macroeconomic Issues
“Economic Impact of the New Employment, Financial and Tax Policies”
“Cuba: Tres problemas macroeconómicos fundamentales aún pendientes después de 30 años de reformas socioeconómicas”
“A Small Macroeconomic Model for Cuba”

Cuban Law: Property, Investment, and Policy
“Cuban Claims: Laws and Policies; Cuban Foreign Investment Laws: New Strategies and Approaches”
“Cuban Real Estate Developments; U.S. Federal Regulations: Remittances and Microfinance”
“Cuban Property Rights: Evolution and Updates”

“Cuba’s Shifting Agricultural Policy and Food Import Patterns, and the Evolving Role of U.S.  Agriculture”
“Cuba’s Agriculture: Limping Reforms, Lame Results”
“Cuban Agricultural Policy in the Context of Other Reforms”
“Cuba’s Recent Agricultural Reforms: Towards Market Socialism?”

VI Party Congress and Beyond
“Party Congresses as Mechanisms of Social Control”
“The Development of a Subsistence Economy as an Attempt to Save Socialism in Cuba”
“Reconstrucción Económica de Cuba después del Socialismo”

Friday August 5 Topics

Education and the VI Party Congress
“Cuba’s 6th Party Congress, the Lineamientos (Guidelines) and Structural Change In Cuba:  Refashioning Education in the Service of the State?”
“Maintaining an Independent Voice in a Polarized Political Context: The Case of Cuba’s Four Blogger Collectives”
“The State of the Internet in Cuba, January 2011”

Cuban International Medical Missions
“Cuba´s Business of Humanitarianism: The Medical Mission in Haiti”
“Misiones médicas cubanas en Venezuela: Implicaciones legales”
“Demystifying the Cuban Health System: An Insider´s View”

Affirmative Action/Acción Afirmativa: Consideraciones demográficas y política financiera para un desarrollo sostenible
“Propietaria, empresaria o prostituta: Hacia una política agresiva de equidad y desarrollo”
“Políticas financieras para un desarrollo sostenible”
“A 100 años del frustrado Plan Morúa y la Guerra de 1912: Rectificar la marginación económica de la mayoría”

Special Topics
“Cuba 1945-2010: via el analisis demográfico de su masonería regular”
“Ramón Grau San Martín: Cuba’s Prophet of Disappointment”
“The Cuban Apparatus for Active Measures:  Propaganda and Disinformation against the United States”
“The Reunification of West and East Germany: Implications for Cuba’s Transition”

ASCE Official Luncheon
Guest Speaker: Professor Carmelo Mesa Lago

External Sector Issues
“Remittance Recipients and the Present and Future of Micro-Entrepreneurship Activities   in Cuba”
“La Industria Turística Cubana: ¿Cuántos Turistas Norteamericanos Puede Cuba Recibir?”
“Las relaciones económicas entre Venezuela y Cuba”
“Cuba’s External Sector and the Sixth Party Congress”

Session of Student Papers

Foreign Policy and the VI Party Congress
“U.S. Foreign Policy Response to the Sixth Party Congress and the Earlier Economic Reforms”
“Cuba en el contexto internacional: Relaciones con Estados Unidos”
“Change in Post-Fidel Cuba: Political Liberalization, Economic Reform and Lessons for US Policy”

Architecture and Cuban Culture
“Architectural Environment in Cuba during the 1950s”
“Struggle and Achievements of Cuban Architects Outside of Cuba”
“A Search for the Cuban Soul in Architecture”

Saturday, August 6 Topics

La Cuba que viene en camino: perspectivas para los próximos años
“Consumption, service quality, and retail brands: A critical-historical analysis of Cuban retailing”
“Papel que podrían jugar los micro-créditos y las PYMES en el cambio del modelo económico cubano”
“Las telecomunicaciones, la telefonía celular, el futuro de Internet en la isla y su efecto en la sociedad cubana actual y el rol que puede jugar en el proceso de cambio del modelo económico”
“Las remesas y el rol de los cubanos que viven en el exterior ayudando a invertir a sus familiares en la isla”

Sectoral Issues
“Cuba’s Energy Situation: Recent Developments”
“Opening the Door to Cuba by Reinventing Guantanamo: Creating a Cuba-US Biofuel Production Capability in Guantanamo”
“Sugarcane Mechanical Harvesting: Technology, Economics, and Future Applications and Business Economics in Cuba”

Venue - Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel

Discounted Rate: The Hilton Miami Downtown is offering a room group discount of $95.00 per night (plus 13% tax) from August 3 thru August 7 for those attending the ASCE Conference. Call 1-800-HILTONS indicating you are attending ASCE’s Conference for the room discount. To secure your room at the discounted group rate, reservations should be made directly with the hotel no later than July 28, 2011.

Location: 1601 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132

Neighborhood: Walking distance to the new Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts (Formerly Carnival Center); Miami-Dade Cultural Center; Gusman Center for the Performing Arts; and Bayside Market Place.

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