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Posted April 02, 2012 by publisher in Cuba-US Trade

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Without revenue from advertisers, most blogs, newspapers, television and radio networks would not be in business.

This website is no different so it is important to us that our advertisers experience a very high return on investment and we work with each advertiser to ensure they are happy with their investment in our efforts.

For future reference, type in CubaAdvertising.com into your browser to return directly to this page.

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Call us at (508) 744-6790 and tell us about the product or service you want to promote and we will draft you a proposal that is right for your business and budget.

Q: Why advertise with Havana Journal Inc.?
A: To market your business across our Network of websites.

Cuba Content and Websites: Havana Journal Inc. is a leading Cuba information resource, media network and services company based in Massachusetts. We offer a wide variety of unique content and business models across nearly 40 websites in our Network.

Search Engine Placement: HavanaJournal.com and most of the sister sites in the Network enjoy dozens of top placements in Google search engine results for desirable Cuba keywords. For a list of Cuba keywords and Google search results. This means that your ads will be seen by people that are interested in Cuba related issues.

Credibility: HavanaJournal.com is very well respected in the search engines and by loyal readers. We’ve been publishing content almost daily since March 2003 and have published more than 10,000 pages of news, information, forum posts, photos and other relevant Cuba content. HavanaJournal.com is a world renowned Cuba information resource covering Cuba business, culture, politics, travel and Cuban American issues for individuals and businesses preparing for a post-Castro post-Embargo Cuba.

Scarcity of Cuba Advertising Opportunities at other Cuba Sites: We did a thorough search for medium to high traffic Cuba related sites and found over 50 worth reviewing for our 2011Cuba Select Ranking review. We created several top ten lists based on different ratings criteria so advertisers can see the placement of HavanaJournal.com in each list. Note that most sites are run by individuals or small enterprises without ad space, universities, non-profit organizations or websites owned, controlled or influenced by the Cuban government. We were only able to find one site with an ad rate page but it is a narrowly focused pro-Embargo anti-Castro political blog.

Traffic: Thanks to our many years of hard work, unique content, incoming links, nearly 4000 members, dozens of high search engine placements etc, we are fortunate to have tens of thousands of unique visitors every month, many of them reading many pages of content that is relevant to their interests. So, we enjoy new visitors and repeat visitors literally every minute of every day.

You can view the complete Quantcast traffic stats and Compete traffic stats for HavanaJournal.com. We do not have Quancast or Compete stats set up for our other Network sites but we do have Google Analytics set up for every site. Google Analytics information provided on request.

Q: Can I test the traffic you can send to my business?
A: Yes. We offer a great introductory ad campaign.

We think your potential customers visit our websites every day but you don’t know that, yet. grin

Give us the opportunity to show you that we can deliver quality visitors to your Cuba related business.

Introductory $99 per month ad campaign - Discounted from $150

1. We will write an original article about your Cuba related business and post here in our news section. You will have final approval before the article is published.

2. We will feature a 125 x 125 banner ad for your business at the top of the right sidebar over there——> that links to this new article about your business. See the “Your Ad Here” graphic on the right side of this page for positioning.

You will sign up for Automatic Billing via Paypal for $99 per month with a three month minimum. You can cancel at any time. You can pay with Paypal funds or a credit/debit card. If you would like to prepay, we can discount the pre-payment to $275 for the three months.

Q: What are the benefits of advertising across our Network?
A: Quality and quantity of visitors

High traffic: Roughly 1000+ unique visitors a day will see your ad… every day.

Very targeted audience: All our visitors are interested in some Cuba related content or service.

Multiple placement opportunities: Your advertisement will be featured prominently across most of the 40 Cuba related websites in our Network.

Q: Where will my advertisements be placed?
A: On a variety of our Cuba specialty websites.

We will work with you to customize your advertising campaign across our Network that is right for the Cuba related product or service that you offer.

Q:What is a good advertising placement proposal?
A. The proposal below gives you a comprehensive presence in front of our audience.

1. We will write an article about your company and you will have final approval before it gets posted. We have done this for a number of advertisers. We like to write articles about new clients because search engines will pick up the article AND it will live on as a permanent addition to the content at HavanaJournal.com. This article will serve as your “home base” for your ad campaign.

2. 125x125 graphic at the top right of all HavanaJournal.com pages that links to your HavanaJournal.com article. Your graphic would link to your HavanaJournal.com article.

3. 468x60 banner (up to max 600 wide banner) at the top of our one of our news sections such as this one: http://havanajournal.com/business/

4. Graphic in the with large presence at the most relevant site in our Network (as seen below).

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6. Listing in Marketplace here http://havanajournal.com/marketplace .

7. Cuba forum here http://havanajournal.com/forums . I will run the 125x125 graphic here at the top of all pages.

8. Graphic placements with minor presence at two more of our Network sites listed below.

All these graphics will point to the Havana Journal article rather than directly to your website. The article of course will link out to your site and will have your phone number. I like to have advertiser’s graphic ads go to the article because the article has all the information about your service and people will know that they saw your ad/article at the Havana Journal. They do not need to remember that they saw your ad on one of the other sites.

This campaign is priced at $495 a month with a three month commitment. Prepayment discount of 15%.

Remove #6 and #7 and #8 to lower the price to $395 a month with three month commitment. Prepayment discount is 10%.

We will work with you on graphic size, placement and number of locations to customize your campaign.

Payment options

Credit/Debit cards (through Paypal), Paypal, BillPay, wire transfers, checks and money orders.

Havana Network placement opportunities:

Multiple ad placement opportunities in our Havana Network sites as listed below.

Cayo Largo Del Sur - Tourist destination near Isla de la Juventud
Cayo Levisa - Scuba diving area in Cuba
Cayo Santa Maria - Cuba vacation resort area in Villa Clara
Cohibas.com - Trademark dispute site
Cuba Venture Capital - future Cuba investment website
Cuba Casas - Casas Particulares and private homes in Cuba
Cuba Chamber of Commerce - US Cuba business network
Cuba City Hall - Cuban document retrieval service
Cuba Conference - Cuban Art and Culture conference
Cuba Diving - Scuba diving in Cuba
Cuba Legal Services - Cuba legal assistance, OFAC applications etc.
Cuban Rum - Cuban rum and Cuban rum cakes
Cuba Radio - Cuban music, talk radio, sports and news radio
Cuba Realty - Real estate in Cuba site
Cuba Trips – Legal travel to Cuba, Travel and Carrier Service Providers
Cuba Watch Newsletter – Cuba news and information updates
Habana Vieja - Old Havana information
Havana.biz - Cuba consulting, Cuba stock index and Cuba business
Havana Communications - cell phones and internet in Cuba
Havana Club Rum - Havana Club trademark dispute information
Havana Network - Landing pages featuring our Network websites
Havana Restaurants - Paladares and restaurants in Havana
Havana Vacations - Vacation information
Isla de la Juventud - Isle of Youth information
Jardines del Rey - Cayo Coco, Cayo Guillermo vacations
Playas del Este - Beaches to the east of Havana
Port of Havana - Havana waterfront information
Varadero Vacations - Vacation information
Vedado - Vedado neighborhood information

Q: What size ads do you accept?
A: We accept several standard size graphics.

• 125x125
• 160x600
• 336x280
• 468x60
• 728x90

Competitive CPM rates

Average CPM for a news site is just over $10 CPM with the upper level being $45 CPM. HavanaJournal.com enjoys a niche audience with specialty interests in Cuba so we think our CPM ad rates of $10 CPM to $25 CPM are extremely competitive especially compared to the alternatives.

Whether you read all the details above or not, feel to call us at (508) 744-6790 and tell us about the product or service you want to promote and we will give you a proposal that is right for you.

Thank you for your interest.

Rob Sequin


Havana Journal Inc. (a Massachusetts corporation since 2004)

(508) 744-6790

Type CubaAdvertising.com into your browser return to this page.

Click here for a printable version of this page.

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