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Port of Mariel information from Cuba Foreign Trade magazine

Posted in Cuba Business > Cuba-World Trade

Excerpted from Cuba Foreign Trade magazine, a publication of the Cuba Chamber of Commerce A Strategic Project for Cuban Foreign Trade The Special Development Zone Mariel (ZEDM), is expected to be the main port of entry and exit for Cuban foreign trade and a major development pole located in the center… Read More

The new real estate market in Cuba, how to buy homes and apartments

Posted in Cuba Business > Business In Cuba

Cuba’s New Real Estate Market, a Latin America Initiative Working Paper by Philip Peters Introduction he November 2011 law that permits Cubans to buy and sell residential real estate is among the most impactful of the reforms undertaken in Cuba since Raúl Castro became president in 2008. It opens… Read More

Russia forgives WHOPPING $29 Billion of Cuban debt with commentary

Posted in Cuba Business > Cuba-World Trade

Reuters news article with commentary by Havana Journal publisher IN CAPS BELOW MERRY CHRISTMAS CUBA. Russia and Cuba have quietly signed an agreement to write off 90 percent of Cuba’s $32 billion debt to the defunct Soviet Union, a deal that ends a 20-year squabble and opens the way for more investment… Read More

Cuba goes live with website to promote Mariel Special Development Zone

Posted in Cuba Business > Cuba-World Trade

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal The Cuban government has recently been promoting the new “special development” business and trade zone at the port of Mariel, just west of Havana. The government has been going to countries such at Russia, China and Brazil to explain the opportunities offered by… Read More

List of 201 legal occupations for small business entrepreneurs in Cuba

Posted in Cuba Business > Business In Cuba

Comprehensive listing of legal small businesses in Cuba occupied by “non-state” entrepreneurs called cuentapropistas. As seen in the Annex of Richard Feinberg’s detailed report on entrepreneurs in Cuba. 1. Accountant/Tax Preparation 2. Animal Caretaker 3. Animal Groomer 4. Animal… Read More

Richard Feinberg writes detailed report on entrepreneurs aka cuentapropistas in Cuba

Posted in Cuba Business > Business In Cuba

Richard Feinberg | Brookings A dynamic, independent private sector is rapidly emerging in Cuba and it is quickly absorbing workers laid off from the government and enlarging a growing middle class. Cubans are now opening bed and breakfasts, paladares, small retail shops and offering services in newly… Read More

Part 2 of the Special Development Zone at the port of Mariel Cuba

Posted in Cuba Business > Business In Cuba

continued from part 1 - 100 Questions and Answers about the Mariel Special Development Zone in English About the Development Fund 90. What is the Development Fund of the Zone? The dealers and users established in the area contribute to the formation of a fund for the maintenance of the office and maintenance… Read More

100 Questions and Answers about the Mariel Special Development Zone in English

Posted in Cuba Business > Business In Cuba

by Jesus V. Bu Marcheco from the University of Havana Recently created, the Special Development Zone of Mariel, located at the Port of Mariel, east of Havana, is called to meet the objectives of promoting increased infrastructure and activities to increase the exports, import substitution, the realization… Read More

Congressman supports efforts to bring Cuban diabetes medicine Heberprot-B to US

Posted in Cuba Business > Business In Cuba

By Marc Caputo | Miami Herald Havana Journal publisher comments in bold below. In a significant break with Cuban exile leaders, Miami Congressman Joe Garcia is supporting the efforts of a Havana research institute that wants U.S. approval to test and market a diabetes treatment in this country. Good… Read More

Leisure Canada now a defunct Cuba real estate development brand

Posted in Cuba Business > Cuba-Canada Trade

Rob Sequin | Havana Journal Going back to the mid 1990s, Leisure Canada, proclaimed to be the “leading real estate developer” in Cuba boasting about the development of luxury resorts in Cuba, with multiple properties under development, including five-star hotels and championship golf courses.… Read More

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